The Oyo State Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde has declared his interest to run for governor of Oyo State in the upcoming 2023 election.


Seyi Makinde who was elected under the platform of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) after defeating the late Ajimobi backed APC candidate, Bayo Adelabu, in 2015.


The Governor said on Thursday that he will run for the office of the governor to complete his constitutionally allowed eight years term should the people of Oyo State desire it.


Declaring his interest, the governor said: “I announced that I have picked up the Expression of Interest and Nomination forms for a second term as the elected Governor of the good people of Oyo State. If the good people of Oyo State desire it, we will serve for four more years.”




During the End SARS protests, I remember saying that one of the reasons the protest lasted for as long as they did, even after the Federal Government said they had agreed to the demands of the young people, was because of the huge trust deficit in Nigeria.


Whether in politics, business, religion, or even the family, trust no longer exists. And so, one of the first tasks that every leader must embark on is to rebuild trust. This is not easy.


But, I am happy to say that here in Oyo State, we have been working for almost three years to reverse this trend through transparent and open leadership. We have been faithful stewards of our collective wealth. Like the servants who were given five, and two talents in Jesus’s parable, we have multiplied the wealth of the good people of Oyo State – our true masters.


So, like the master in that parable of the talents, will you entrust many more things to us?


I promised in my last newsletter that by the time you receive this one, I would have decided whether to run again for office. Sometime last week, I picked up the Expression of Interest and Nomination forms for a second term as the elected Governor of the good people of Oyo State.


Yes, I am presenting myself again to serve.


In the last three years, Oyo State has seen unprecedented development in all sectors with no zone left behind. We have worked hard in all the four pillars upon which our Roadmap to Accelerated Development in Oyo State 2019-2023 is built. We are engineering a modern Oyo State.


But as every engineer would tell you, our work is not done until all problems are addressed. We believe we have laid a solid foundation for solving the problem of moving the good people of Oyo State from poverty to prosperity.


We would love an opportunity to build on that foundation. So now, the ball is, once again, in your court. If you, the good people of Oyo State desire it, then we will serve you for four more years.

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